St Paul’s Memorial Church, Putiki

St Paul’s Memorial Church

Building Details

Name of Building: St Paul’s Memorial Church
Location: Putiki, Whanganui
Year Built: 1937
Date Plaque Unveiled: 5 December 2022
Current Owners: Anglican Diocese of Wellington
Contact Details:  
Plaque Sponsor: Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga

Brief Historical Information:

The exterior of the church is designed in a conventional neo-Gothic style, but the interior is a rare cultural treasure with extensive carved, painted and woven surfaces that have created a richness of decoration and symbolism.

The building is associated with Sir Apirana Ngata who encouraged a revival of Māori arts and crafts and language throughout New Zealand. The decorative work in this church is a direct result of his encouragement. The church is also associated with the Anglican church and its Māori wing, the local parishioners and clergyman who have served the church since 1937.

Restoration and Current Owner Story

As a church, the building is a focus of religious worship while also being associated with the Putiki Marae, a centre for local cultural activity.

The church is associated with the renaissance of Māori arts and crafts as encouraged by Māori leader and MP Sir Apirana Ngata who considered retention of indigenous arts, crafts and language as essential to regain a sense of dignity, respect and a future for the Māori people.

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