Sexton’s Building, Ashburton Cemetery

Sexton’s Building, Ashburton Cemetery


Building Details

Name of Building: Sexton’s Building, Ashburton Cemetery
Location: Bremners Road,
Date Plaque Unveiled: 22nd November, 2020
Current Owners: Ashburton District Council
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Brief Historical Information:

The Sexton’s Building is a Category 2 listing on the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero. Built in a gothic revival style in 1895, it was designed with two rooms for use as the sexton’s office and a workshop for the cemetery’s monumental masons.

The building was in danger of demolition in 1994, when the newly formed Ashburton district branch of Historic Places Trust took up the challenge to save it. Once it was decided it could become an information centre, permission was granted for its restoration.

Ashburton Pakeke Lions’ members have attended to the building’s upkeep since their major input for the 1990s restoration.

Restoration and Current Owner Story

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