Randell Cottage

Randell Cottage


Building Details

Name of Building: Randell Cottage
Location: 14 St Mary Street,
Date Plaque Unveiled: April 2022
Current Owners: Randell Cottage Writers Trust
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Brief Historical Information:

Randell Cottage is a humble dwelling constructed by William Randell between 1865-68. The cottage has architectural and historical significance as a representative example of a single-detached working-class dwelling built in nineteenth century New Zealand, which could easily be added to as a family or their income grew. Its aesthetic and architectural values contribute to the significant number of Victorian and Edwardian houses that characterise Thorndon, one of New Zealand’s oldest suburbs and an important heritage area in Wellington.

Through its simple design and its social history, Randell Cottage has historical and social value for the way it offers insight into the life of a New Zealand colonial family, while also providing a place of creativity and cultural exchange in its current role as a home for visiting writers.

Restoration and Current Owner Story

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