John Kinder House

John Kinder House


Building Details

Name of Building: John Kinder House
Location: 2 Ayr Street
Date Plaque Unveiled: July, 2022
Current Owners: The Kinder Society
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Brief Historical Information:

Built in 1857, Kinder House is one of Auckland's most notable Category A Heritage properties. It is also listed as an historic item on the Auckland Council District Plan. The house was commissioned by Bishop G.A. Selwyn and designed by Frederick Thatcher, the architect of many Anglican buildings in Auckland and was designed in the then popular Gothic Revival style.

The building was commissioned as a schoolmaster’s house for the first headmaster of the Church of England Grammar School, now long since demolished. It is built of rubble construction, basically using scoria from Mt Eden, with dressed stone at corners and openings thought to have been quarried at Mt Wellington.

Kinder House is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, noon to 3pm with extended hours for exhibitions. The Ground Floor rooms are devoted to the display of water-colours, photographs and sketches by John Kinder (1819-1903) and other temporary guest artistic exhibitions are on display at times.

Restoration and Current Owner Story

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