Hakatere Station

Hakatere Station


Building Details

Name of Building: Hakatere Station Buildings
Location: 2387 Ashburton Gorge Road,
Date Plaque Unveiled: 21 June 2019
Current Owners: Department of Conservation
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Brief Historical Information:

Hakatere Station Accommodation Buildings, set amidst the spectacular high country of the Ashburton Gorge, is a cluster of station accommodation buildings dating from the 1860s associated with large scale pastoralism in this part of inland Mid Canterbury.

Hakatere Station was first taken up in 1857 by Thomas Henry Potts and had an evolving history of being amalgamated, split and then re-amalgamated with other stations, including Mount Possession Station. A small cluster of accommodation buildings gradually developed around the Hakatere Corner, including accommodation for shepherds and shearers and with facilities for cooking and dining. Two key accommodation buildings survive, being the Stone Cottage dating from 1862 and the Singlemen’s (or Shearers’) Quarters, with its core begun later in the nineteenth century.

Restoration and Current Owner Story

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