About Blue Plaques


Blue Plaques - An Explanation

Blue Heritage Plaques are popping up around New Zealand at our most historically significant buildings and sites. These plaques can be found throughout New Zealand, but there are hundreds of locations still to be added subject to time and funding.

Each plaque contains brief historical information with more detail on this website and appropriate links to even more detailed information.

This is a national project of Historic Places Aotearoa (HPA), – representing local independent heritage organisations. The plaques are generously funded by owners, sponsors and through community fundraising initiatives.

Our Thanks

HPA wishes to acknowledge and thank Nigel Gilkison of HPA Mid-Canterbury for initiating this project.

Why has HPA adopted this project?

The plaques tell us about our unique cultural and architectural heritage and encourage us to explore our neighbourhoods and travel NZ for more hints of our past. They'll help bring our history to life and tell our amazing stories, build pride in our streetscapes and interest in our heritage. They encourage and reward building owners to reinvest in their heritage buildings and save them for future generations.

For more information...

More information on the Blue Plaques Project and how you can apply for one, can be found here.

Blue Plaques are an initiative
by Historic Places Aotearoa

Historic Places Aotearoa (HPA) was formed in 2013 to be a strong and independent organisation representing heritage interests nationally. HPA speaks as a collective on national heritage issues.